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What does DSP stand for in advertising? The abbreviation DSP stands for Demand-Side Platform in marketing and advertising. This term is often associated with SSP, which stands for Supply-Side Platform. What is a Demand-Side Platform? A Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is a platform automating the availability and purchase of ad space from various ad exchanges. If […]

What are DSPs?

What is a DSP?

A DSP is a great tool to use but what does DSP stand for in marketing? What are some Demand-Side Platforms examples? Today, we answer your questions!

Spreadsheet Blog Post

In the vast world of digital marketing, programmatic advertising has become a great ally for small businesses and marketing agencies. With programmatic, selling and buying are done in an automated way: bidding and transactions become more efficient and effortless (versus other types of advertising). Advertisers and data analysts have then more time to focus on […]