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Stop losing time searching for Excel tips on Google every time you encounter a Spreadsheet error. Join our Excel Beginner to Advanced Course: learn plenty of Excel tricks and how to use the most common and useful functions. This Online Course covers spreadsheet navigation, formulas, advanced conditions, tables, and much more!
Forget boring and outdated online tutorials. Enjoy a digestible, dynamic and up-to-date Excel Online Course.

Excel graphs on a laptop.

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Immediate access
Lifetime access
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Available on all Devices

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For a limited period of time, the price of our popular Excel Course is reduced. We want persons like you to benefit from our knowledge and experience. That’s why joining now our Excel Beginner to Advanced Course will only cost you:



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About The Course

Corporate MS Excel Course by Ted Jordan, available on all devices.

About The Course

Excel Version used: Latest 2023 Excel Office 365
Access: Via any internet Browser lifetime resource
Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced
Language: English
Videos: 25 Video Lessons
Approved Certificate: Established Learning Provider
Versions: Works in Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007

Course Syllabus

Phase 1: Navigating Spreadsheet

Master Excel basics: Navigate worksheets & learn key shortcuts for efficiency.

Phase 2 : Indexing & Basic Formulas

Dive into Excel: Understand indexing & master basic formulas for data analysis.

Phase 3: Logical Conditions & Statements

Enhance Excel skills: Use logical conditions, math symbols & if statements effectively.

Phase 4: Advanced Conditions

Excel in Advanced conditions: Master search functions & text extraction techniques.

Phase 5: Tables

Transform data with Excel: Create dynamic Tables, Pivot Tables & Data tables.

Phase 6: Data Visualization

Optimize Excel data: Learn Data Validation, Conditional Formatting & create impactful graphs.

Phase 7: Certification

Achieve Excel mastery: Complete the certification quiz & earn your advanced Excel certificate.

What Our Students Say

The course was concise yet thorough. We can definitely feel Ted enjoys teaching the subject.



The course is great value for the money and the certificate turned out to be a conversion starter in some interviews.
Would definitely recommend!



Good course content, I do feel like I have learned a lot. Only taking one star off as when the platform just launched, it was little glitchy sometimes.



This course made me realise that you think you know Excel/ ggl sheet until you watch one of these courses and realise you could have been so much more efficient at work for years.



Why Certifications are so Important

Excel is used by millions of companies and their employees. Spreadsheets errors may lead to huge financial outcomes. Most problems in this great Analytic Tool are caused by users misuse: it’s crucial to learn how to use Excel professionally to avoid errors and to save time.

Many Excel Beginners search for answers on the good old Google: they lose so much time! Instead, they should join an Excel Online Course to learn tips and tricks and become Advanced users.

Excel users like you understand how critical it is to receive Professional Training and are searching for the Best Excel Online Course. About 32M persons are looking for an Excel Course per month and 5.4K want to access an Excel training in the US.

Analysis of searched Excel keywords in 2024.

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Ted Jordan Excel Certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

After registration, you decide when you want to start the Excel course. It’s a self-paced training, you can start 2 months after signing up for the course or straightaway. You decide.

Yes! We designed the course specifically for beginners to intermediate levels. Each topic is detailed and plenty of examples are shared with you so you can’t get lost. Our Excel Course is also a great way to refresh your knowledge.

We provide dedicated support to our students. If you encounter some difficulties, you can check our Help Center or contact us via email ( An Expert will reply to you within 2 working days.


If you’re not happy with the course and did not go further than Phase 3, you can ask to be reimbursed within 30 days after registration.

You can contact us via email to We typically respond within 1 or 2 working days.


You can contact us via email to We typically respond within 1 or 2 working days.


Not at all. The beauty of this online course is that you have lifetime access and can take the classes anytime and anywhere.

Bonus when registering to Ted Jordan Excel Course.


Signing up for this Excel Online Course does not only give you great value for money, lifetime access to the training content and deep knowledge of basic and advanced functions and tools. You will also receive a Free Spreadsheet Cheat Sheet when you register. And if you’re not happy with the course, you may get your money back.