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In today’s digital landscape, marketing has transcended traditional mediums to embrace more targeted and efficient strategies. Among these, programmatic advertising stands out as a game-changer.

Evolution of Programmatic Advertising

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What is Programatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising. This automation makes transactions efficient and more effective, streamlining the process and consolidating your digital advertising efforts in one technology platform, a Demand Side Platform (DSP).

Imagine being able to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. That’s the power of programmatic advertising. It uses real-time data to decide which ads to buy, how much to pay for them, and where to display them, reaching your target audience more accurately and efficiently.

Ted Jordan —
Expertise in Digital Advertising

As an experienced professional in programmatic advertising, I help businesses navigate this complex landscape. I offer a unique blend of analytical insight and market trend knowledge to optimize your advertising strategy. My clients range from large-scale performance advertisers and renowned brands to innovative marketing agencies. Together, we’ve achieved better performance and cost efficiency in their media buying.

Powering Sales and Performance Campaigns

E-commerce revolutionizes shopping by letting you buy and sell online. Think sleek digital storefronts, hassle-free payments, and lightning-fast deliveries. But here’s the kicker: performance campaigns supercharge your sales game. They’re like turbocharged marketing machines, fine-tuned to boost your bottom line. Picture targeted ads hitting just the right audience, snappy A/B testing to find what clicks, and clever retargeting to bring back the ones that got away. With data-driven insights guiding every move, you’ll be raking in sales like never before. It’s e-commerce on steroids – and your ticket to online success!

Powering Sales and Performance Campaigns

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Here's What
Our Clients Say...

Ted has played a vital role in optimizing our performance marketing campaigns at the Yahoo DSP. His deep understanding of the platform's algorithm and strategic insights have directly increased our ROI. His contributions to our company are truly remarkable.

Global E-Com & Search Arbitrage Agency

Ted has been our trusted partner for 3+ years. His exceptional analytics expertise, business acumen, and social intelligence have significantly boosted our revenue, turnover, and operational efficiency.

Les Granges
One of Belgium's Largest Restaurants

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