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Do you want to upgrade your Excel worksheet to the next level? Use dynamic values in Excel text box to give a professional look to your spreadsheet. What is a dynamic value in Excel? A dynamic value corresponds to the result of a calculation made within a specific range. If the content within the specific […]

TRUE and FALSE in Excel (with examples)

TRUE and False in Excel

Learn how to use TRUE and FALSE functions in Excel and how to count how many times they appear in your spreadsheet. Become a Spreadsheet Master with Ted Jordan!

How to use COUNTIF: greater than

COUNTIF: greater than, less than, not blank,… this Excel function is so handy! Learn how to use it in your spreadsheets with Ted Jordan.

How to get rid of DIV/0 error in Excel

Iferror Function in Excel

Learn how to remove DIV/0 in Excel: get rid of DIV/0 or replace the error message with text. You could also change cells colour when the divide by zero error message is created by the system.