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SUMIFS between two dates (Excel)

SumIF Function for Dates in Excek

SUMIFS between two dates, with multiple criteria or different types of criteria: learn how to use Excel conditional sum like a pro! If you don’t know what’s the difference between SUMIF and SUMIFS, this article is for you!

How to use SUMIF in Excel?

Sumif Function in Excel

We explain the SUMIF function in Excel by sharing several examples and showing you how its formula works for different types of criteria.

How many days before a date – Excel formulas

Today and Now Functions in Excel

Calculate the number of remaining days before a date in Excel easily with TODAY and NOW functions. Learn how to check when a worksheet was last refreshed or set deadlines automatically with these formulas.

How to get week numbers from dates in Excel

Weeknum function in Excel

Find any week number from a date value in Excel using WEEKNUM, DATE and ISOWEEKNUM functions. In business settings, we typically count in weeks so these handy formulas are a must for any analyst!

How to redo or undo an action on Mac

Using ctr z and ctr y in excel to redo or undo an action.

Undo, redo, repeat: what are the shortcuts? Add a new skill by checking our quick tutorial regarding these actions. Command Z and Command Y will become your new favourite shortcuts!

Copy paste values like a pro! (Excel+Google Sheets)

Cope Paste Options on excel with shortcut keys

Copy and paste values (not formulas) using shortcut keys in Excel or Google Sheets! Learn how spreadsheets professionals do it within seconds and become one of them. Save time now by reading our article.

Quick way to add a slicer in Excel

Learning how to use slicers on Excel.

Discover a simple method to add slicers in Excel to your tables. Watch our short video or read our tutorial to save time and increase your spreadsheets knowledge.

How to use the LEFT, RIGHT and MID functions

Left, Right, and Mid Functions Spreadsheet

Learn how to extract text in Excel with the LEFT, RIGHT and MID functions. Plenty of examples to learn from and functions are explained with simple words. If you start in Excel or if you are an expert, this guide is for you!