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SUMIFS between two dates (Excel)

SumIF Function for Dates in Excek

SUMIFS between two dates, with multiple criteria or different types of criteria: learn how to use Excel conditional sum like a pro! If you don’t know what’s the difference between SUMIF and SUMIFS, this article is for you!

Excel: Date to Text (dd/mm/yyyy)

Date Formatting in Excel with the Text Function

Convert a date to text in Excel within seconds with our free online Excel tutorial! Discover the handy TEXT function for dates.

How to get week numbers from dates in Excel

Weeknum function in Excel

Find any week number from a date value in Excel using WEEKNUM, DATE and ISOWEEKNUM functions. In business settings, we typically count in weeks so these handy formulas are a must for any analyst!

Excel: how to convert dates to days of the week?

Weekday Function in Excel

Do you want to know what day was a specific date? Or maybe you want to know what day will be the next bank holidays? Discover 2 great functions to use in Excel to do so! For past or future dates, they are the formulas to know to save time.